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H&M joined us for Sustainable & Circular Fashion Seminar at ITU

We discussed recent changes in the industry towards sustainable and circular ways of doing business with Istanbul Technical University textile engineering and design students. Yuksel Sendan, Europe Sustainability Manager at H&M joined us to motivate students about countless opportunities that lie ahead of them in this exciting transformative era in the history of fashion. 


Circular Economy 101 at Istanbul Bilgi University

We visited Istanbul Bilgi University Gastronomy and Culinary Arts students and discussed circular economy. Together with Ömer Haciomeroglu, a member of Zero ecosystem and an industrial designer, we gave an introductory level lecture about circular economy, its roots, implications and circular strategies. Students were very excited to learn about this economic model and were very eager to apply this thinking in their professional careers. 

Istanbul Sustainable Fashion meet up #2 at Impact Hub



Organisations and individuals who work towards a more sustainble and circular textiles industry got together at Impact Hub Istanbul. 

Pinar Oncel (co-founder of Sustainable Living TV) , Nermin Köse (founder of Denimlook and Away Denim), Elif Yarasik (GOTS Turkey Representative), Edipcan Yildiz (founder of Reflect), Öykü Özgencil (founder of Incomplit), Fashion Revolution Turkey coordinator Eda Çakmak, founder of Yesil Yama, textile engineer Bükra Kalayci, Gülin Ölçer (founder of Zero) were some of the attendees of the meet up.

The group discussed goals and possible outcomes of the major sustainable fashion event that will take place in the first quarter of 2018. 

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Longer Lasting Denim

Zero's mission is to design practical services and systems that faciliate the transition to a circular textiles industry. We are also always on the lookout for best practices of circular strategies.  Kot Tamiri is a new digital denim repair service that makes repair effortless for denim lovers. 

A pair of jeans consumes about 7000-8000 liters of water during manufacturing and the denim industry work environment is far from ideal given the numerous chemical processes. Before we throw a pair of jeans away we must stop and give it a second thought. Kot Tamiri helps denim goods to last longer and prevent unnecessary use of social, financial and ecological resources. The service has gathered a network of professional tailors who are able to repair worn out denim and has made the process effortless via door to door delivery. 

For more information visit: 

 Irem, Ülkü, Nermin, Gülin ve Bükra (left to right)

Irem, Ülkü, Nermin, Gülin ve Bükra (left to right)

The first ‘Istanbul Sustainable Fashion meet up’ took place at Circuit Istanbul


Engineers, designers, bloggers, strategists and sustainability consultants gathered at Circuit Istanbul to discuss one thing: sustainable fashion industry in Turkey.

Zero team came together with Irem Yanpar, a textile engineer who is also the founder of sustainable fashion blog Yesil Yama, Nermin Kose, sustainable denim designer and founder of Denimlook, Ulku Caglayan, the founder of Circuit Istanbul‘sustainable creativity studio’and Bukra Kalayci, a sustainable textiles engineer.

The goal was to share ideas about the industry wide sustainable fashion event that will be organized in 2018. This event is going to be the first of its kind in Turkey. Ideas about topics to be covered, seminars, presentations, activities, participants and communication tools were discussed. The most highlighted goal was to raise awareness about the financial benefits of becoming circular and sustainable amongst local supply chain professionals and brands. Another purpose of the event is to act as a guide for sustainable shopping in metropoles like Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir.

The second gathering, with a larger number of participants from the local sustainable textiles ecosystem, will take place at Impact Hub Istanbul on December 18. 

Long Live Denim event at Fashion For Good 


A special event for the future of sustainable denim took place at Fashion For Good  building in Amsterdam. The event was moderated by Alliance for Responsible Denim (AFRD) which is the denim industry initiative of the circular economy design studio Circle Economy.

AFRD has been working on a joint product design project with different European denim mills including Bossa, Kilim, Tavex, Royo, Orta and Recover. The design challenge is to incorporate different ratios (10%, 20%, +25%) of post-consumer recyled denim fibers into virgin denim fabric production. The results were denim fabric collections that Show post-consumer recyled denim is the future of the industry.

Gwen Cunningham, Circle Economy Textiles Program Lead, noted that there are two barriers to scale the use of post-consumer recycled denim. One is lack of awareness of brands about the qualities and possibilities of the end products; the other is the lack of awareness of mills around the world about the financial benefits to use recycled material.

Zero team joined the event as part of the sustainable denim fabric design project implemented in collaboration with Denimlook and the leading denim mill Kilim. 

Key Takeaway from Kingpins Amsterdam: Sustainable denim fabric design is the new norm.


One of the major denim industry events, Kingpins Amsterdam gathered renowned denim mills from around the world and the common ground was sustainable denim fabric design. 

Especially European mills like Candiani, Royo, Calik, Orta Anadolu, Kilim Denim and Bossa's collection presentations highlighted the rise of regenerated fabric constructions. 

We attended the fair together with our sustainable denim fabric design partners Denimlook and Kilim Denim. Interviews with marketing and production directors of leading mills proved that there is rising demand for post consumer recycled denim and it's here to stay.